Tips To Improve Your Choir Rehearsals With Choral Tracks

Planning out each choir rehearsal is one of the most important and challenging tasks for a choir director. Giving your singers the power of our choral tracks is a powerful tool to achieve much higher artistic goals when everyone gets together in rehearsal.

So many choirs get together one night a week for twelve weeks before a concert. Rehearsals are often inefficient as different singers may be absent, it takes some time every rehearsal to relearn what was taught the week before, and there often just isn’t enough time to get everything done. Rehearsal tracks are a great way to put this responsibility onto your singers to work on the music themselves and connect one rehearsal to another.

Tips To Improve Your Choir Rehearsals With Choral Tracks

Here are some more specific ways to use rehearsal tracks:

  • Start your singers with our Part Predominant tracks – Our Part Predominant tracks are our most popular and effective tracks for learning. A singer can clear hear her part much louder above the other parts. The other voice parts are way in the background at 10% volume to still give a harmonic and rhythmic context. This work will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend learning notes with the piano in rehearsal
  • Sectional rehearsals with our Part Muted tracks – Our Part Muted tracks have the other voice parts at full volume allowing the singer to sing along with the track. This is a great tool to use halfway into the learning process when a singer already has a basic grip on the notes. You could even separate your singers into sectionals in rehearsal and have them practice as a section with the part muted tracks.
  • Spend more time making art – Once your singers have taken ownership learning their music on their own with our rehearsal tracks, you can start taking more time discussing the text and interpretation of the music. This is what makes the process the most meaningful and creates artistry.

These tips are the tried and tested processes and have given several choir groups overwhelming returns. We have thousands of song titles in our library and are recording several new ones every single day. Email us at [email protected] for a quote today!