Some Activities For Kids This Winter

Bangalore is a fun city for people of all ages. While adults can go pub and party hopping, kids have a plethora of fun courses and activities to learn and to enjoy.

Below are listed some very interesting and useful programs for kids. Search through the listings of kids events in Bangalore on what programs suit your liking, hobbies, interests, convenience, and timing.

Some Activities For Kids This Winter

  • Help Kids Communicate Better:

Merry Go Learn presents a communication program for kids, which are aimed at improving comprehension, written and oral language skills. They will emerge from the program as expert critics, prolific writers, and fluent speakers. Oral skills will be improved by extempore speaking events and street plays. For improving written English skills, a course on grammar and vocabulary will be held. Critical reading and thinking will aid in comprehension skills. One can take a carefully designed diagnostic test to test the three skills.

Where: Merry Go Learn, JP Nagar; When: 7th December 2014 to 25 January 2015; Age group- 9-13 years; Timings: Sunday only-11 am to 1 pm.

Some Activities For Kids This Winter

  • Hone Your Math Skills:

Eye level brings critical thinking math to India. It helps kids build up a deeper understanding of concepts of mathematics. Students are encouraged to use these concepts to solve non routine problems. Following areas are covered: Patterns and Relationships, Reasoning and Proof, Problem Solving Strategies, Spatial Sense, Measurements, Algebra, Statistics, and Probability.

Where: Koramangala; When: 20th December, 2014 to 5 January 2015; Age group: 4-16 years; Timings: 11 am to 7 pm. 

  • Celebrate with Canine Friends:

The program is called Honeybees Jingle, Jangle and Mingle all the way. Spread Christmas cheer to the forgotten- geriatric dogs. Carry along squeaky toys, soft treats, adopt or mingle with your dog friends. These dog friends welcome you at the Mylappanahalli Geriatric Centre for dogs (MGC). The program is limited to 15 kids and their guardian adults.

Where: Yelahanka; When: 20th December 2014; Age group: 2 and above; Timings: 11 am to 4 pm.

  • Hot Air Balloon Rides:

Flying in a hot air balloon is an unforgettable experience. It is both thrilling and serene with the chance for enjoying breathtaking views, as well as a feeling of freedom. This facility is brought by Aero Adventures.

Where: Jakkur Flying club; When: 6th December to 28th December; Age group: 7 and above; Timings: 7 am to 6 pm.

  • Creativity Workshop:

This is a creative quilling and weaving workshop at Atta Gallatta. This will help kids explore their creativity. Activities include paper quilling and paper basket weaving.

Where: Koramangala; when: 20th December 2014; Age group: 7 and above; Timings: 11 am to 1 pm.

  • Table Tennis Training:

Learn the game of table tennis as you practice and play.

Where: Ramamurthy Nagar; when: 1 December 2014 to 25 September 2016; Age group: 8 and above; timings: 7.30 am to 10 pm.

These are some of the fun activities and programs in Bangalore for kids. Because of these programs, children in Bangalore never need to feel bored on holidays and free time. 

Author’s bio: Based in Bangalore for over a decade, the writer has witnessed the rapid growth of the city. She is knowledgeable about the various facilities in the city like clubs and entertainment. She contributes to the website eventshigh.