Manali: The Ultimate Honeymoon Destination

Situated at an altitude of 6726 feet in the Beas River Valley, Manali is a scenic hill-station town nestled in the mountains of the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, India. Perhaps much of the appeal of Manali lies in its pristine uncommercialised quality, free from the pollution and the hustle-bustle of the city. Old-world charm mingled with its unpretentious Indianness keeps holidayers coming back for more. Couples flock here from various parts of India and abroad for their perfect romantic getaways. For a honeymooning couple, there could not be a more perfect place than Manali to begin your new life together.

When to Visit?

Manali is a delight throughout the year. It offers you respite from the blistering summer of the plains and between December to January, the snowfall creates a spectacular panorama of sparkling White Mountains, making it especially romantic. You can spend some perfect quality time snuggled up in cosy blankets at your balcony watching the snowflakes coat the whole scenery in before you.

Where to Stay?

Splurge: Manali has some exceptionally fine hotels for couples in the mood for some pampering. Several four star resorts situated around mall road will offer you a restaurant, spa, gymnasium, swimming pool, recreation center and so on. White Meadows Resort, Span Resort and Spa, Picadilly Resort, and Sandhya Resort and Spa guarantee a luxurious stay for around US$ 70 – 80 a night.

Budget : Some cost-effective yet highly rated hotels are Gateway Resort, Hotel Broadways Inn and Rising Moon Guest House which can charge you as little as US$ 10-13 per night.

Manali: The Ultimate Honeymoon Destination

Places to Visit:

There are a myriad new places and activities to experience in Manali along with your significant other.

The town can be roughly broken up into two parts, New Manali and Old Manali. While New Manali is the more commercialised part with the bus depot right in the centre of it, Old Manali is more removed from the main town. Old Manali is more favoured by foreign tourists and has a number of delightful restaurants and a great hippie vibe. There is greater scope for interaction with other couples here than New Manali, given that most tourists prefer to spent more of their time there. Lazy Dog, Red House Cafe, Pizza Olive and Dylan’s Cafe are some very popular eating joints there. Visits can become awesome, If we enjoy music together with best earbuds for small ears available in the market.

The Hadimba Devi Temple is a must-visit. At about a three kilometer distance from the bus depot, the shrine is a cave temple built in honor of Hidimbi Devi, a sister to Hidimba, the hero from the Indian epic, The Mahabharata. It was constructed in the year 1553 around a large standing coming-out of the ground that is worshiped as an image if the deity, and surrounded by cedar forests.

The Angora Rabbit Farm is another curious place. The place holds hundreds of hybrid rabbits that are about two to three times the size of a normal rabbit and very furry. They are bred mainly for their fur with which angora wool for shawls and sweaters are made.

Tibetan monasteries or “gompas” dot the town with their colourful prayer flags and prayer wheels. The Gadhan the choking Monastery and the Himalayan Nyingamapa Gompa are must visits for a window into the intricacies of Buddhist culture.

Manali also has a number of extremely delightful trout fish farms where you can sit by the ponds and do some fishing together. Some even cook for you the fish you catch!

Discover Nature Together:

You can turn your honeymoon into a nature retreat with visiting the cold water springs at Nehru Kund, the Rehla Waterfalls, or with a picnic at the Solang Valley Meadows or a hot sulfur water bath at Vasisht village.
Adventure Sports:

Manali has a lot to offer for adrenaline junkie couples as well. A lot of companies cater to adventure sports in the Beas and Kullu rivers such as rafting, snorkeling, etc. as well as offer paragliding, bungee jumping, rock climbing, skiing, zorbing, and snow-scooting. You may also bike up to Rohtang pass as well, which is the highest motor able road in the Himalayas at about 51 kilometres from the main city or to Rani Nala, a glacier point about 46 kilometres away for a breath-taking view. Looking for submitting of guest post for good seo. Then Apply here. This site is accepting guest post.

With having so much to offer to every couple, there is no wonder Manali is considered the ultimate destination for honeymooners. Surprise your beloved today by booking you both a trip to remember. For most foreign nationals an Indian visa does not take more than about a week to process thus leaving no obstacles in the path to your perfect Manali honeymoon.