6 Tips To Help You Stay Stylish On A Road Trip

There is nothing as nice as taking a long road trip in confidence and in style. However, it is not easy to stay stylish, as you might think. It really does not matter whether you are traveling for short or long distances- staying classy and stylish speaks a lot about a person, especially if you are using a car.

Now let me tell you six things that I would do, if I was going to be in my car for at least three hours or so.

The following are the things that I always do when am on a road trip.

1. Comfortable Ballet Flats

Since you are going to spend at least a few hours in your car and only leaving your seat for food or a cup of coffee, there is really no need to wear your favorite sexy heels. It’s actually good to wear comfortable shoes- by this I mean wearing cute comfortable shoes.

The amazing shoes that I am wearing while writing this article and the ones that I would really recommend are by the famous Yosi samra.

This flat shoes make you feel like you are wearing socks. They are really great for walking around pit stops and also in the car.

2. Large Hand Bag

I have to tell you this! That a small clutch for a road trip honestly won’t do. What you need is a large bag. A large bag is able to accommodate all your belongings- hair ties, bunch of make ups and of course whatever you want.

For instance in my hand bag I carry essentials like chap stick, face powder, pen ,notebook and sunglasses to mention but a few.

These things are within my reach not in the suitcase at the back of my car.

6 Tips To Help You Stay Stylish On A Road Trip

3. Black Comfortable Leggings

You know what! I always strive to be comfortable whenever I am traveling for a long distance road trip. Well, I always go for leggings instead of trousers and jeans. This way I can be comfortable without worrying about third parties. I also prefer black leggings just because they can hide stains.

4. Layers

This one depends on the type of season. It’s always advisable to wear warm clothes, but do not ever forget about layers. Layering is an important factor when it comes to being stylish or rather comfortable. When it’s warm, just remove the layer, when its chilly add on your sweater or sleeve.

5. Sunglasses

At times, long hours in my car can be hard on me, and I bet it can be on you too. I always bring my glasses along just to cover my eyes. Sunglasses are very important!

6. Hair Up

There is no way that your hair will still be full of life after two hours plus in your car, whether you roll your windows down or not. For you to save yourself, always wear it up.

Always remember to wear a ponytail or bun whichever fits your outfit. This will keep you looking stylish for more than seven hours.

Well there you have them! The 6 tips that will keep you in check as far as style is concerned. Make sure you always book practical driving test before you embark on that road trip.